Bahama Mama

Nickname for an attractive lady
Dark rum paired with cherry- and coconut-liqueur, finished with a lot of fruit-juices and grenadine.

Shrunken Skull

Now THAT’S a deadly-eye-rolling-brain-shrinker!
Light and dark rum mixed up with fresh lime juice and grenadine.


It kills your pain, not your blues
Dark rum blended with fresh pineapple-bits and delicious coconut-cream.


The one and only! You’ll never find it anywhere else.
Our signature drink features dark jamaican rum, lime juice & honey, completed with a vial of crodino.


Let it sting deep inside you!
Rum meets brandy, orgeat and an entire freshly squeezed lemon.

Itchy and Scratchy

Let this fruity bomb hammer down your head and scratch that throat with a ginger shot.
Rum paired with smokey bourbon and fresh passion fruit – combined with a vodka-ginger-shot


Brains! Brains! Brains!
Zombie recipes spread as fast and numerous as real Zombies. But there’s only ONE DTK-Zombie. 3 kind of rums combined with our homemade falernum and a note of absinthe. Watch out, this is strong as fuck! Limited to 2 per person/night.

Rum Runner

Rum Baby, Rum!
Jamaican rum mixed with a whole banana, blackberry-liqueur and a splash of grenadine.

Mai Tai

It means «the best» in Tahitian.
Light and dark rums in a perfect balance mit lime, triple sec and orgeat.


Louisiana classic, also called Katrina.
Dark and light rums meet passion fruit and fruit-juices.


Royal Hawaiian

A Waikiki-Beach timeless classic.
Dry gin combined with with pineapple- and fresh lime-juice paired with orgeat sirup.


An over 100 year old bittersweet classic
Gin, Campari, Sweet vermouth and orange zest

Singapore Sling

«We can’t stop here, this is bat country!»
Gin meets Pineapple and Herbal-liqueur.

La Vegina

I’m not saying your a pussy, butt…
Refreshing Gin-Sour smashed up with fresh basil-leaves.


Don’t even ride a tricycle after it.
Dry gin with campari and bitter-orange-lemonade.



Ladies best friend. Always.
Selected Vodka mixed with cointreau, cranberry juice and a drop of fresh lime juice.

Bloody Mary

Bloodier than Carrie
Selected Vodka mixed with tomato-juice, a splash of fresh lime-juice and spices.

Moscow Mule

Maybe you heard of it! Our beloved classic.
Selected Vodka with lime-juice, ginger beer and freshly cut ginger bits.

White Russian

Do it the dude-way. Before, while and after bowling.
Selected Vodka meets coffee-liqueur and milk.

Hawaiian Kakahiaka

«Give me something that wakes me up and fucks me up»
Selected Vodka mixed with a fresh espresso.


Frozen Margarita

The painless method of absorbing tequila.
Golden tequila freezed with triple-sec and lime juice. Choose your Taste: Peach, strawberry or raspberry.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

It’s gonna take you to the other side.
Golden tequila with ginger-beer and hot, we mean ass-fuckin’ hot sauce.

El Diablo

Sweet king of hell!
Tequila meets cassis-liqueur and ginger-ale.


Dead Bastard

Tonight you will love it. Tomorrow you might hate it.
A mix of all kind of booze, topped with Chinotto.

Lemon Lama

How-didely-die-ding-dong Partner!
Good old JD meets Lemon & Cointreau – More refreshing than shootin’ catfish at the tarn.

Social Drinks

Aku Aku Lapu

Stay social! Share this Hawaiian-Bowl with your friends!
A selection of Rum meets our homemade Falernum and clashes into Grapefruit-Juice.

Hawaiian Volcano

The ultimate multi-user social drink!
Selected Vodka, peach liqueur and amaretto paired with a lot of fruit-juices and some grenadine.

Mojito & Caipi-Stuff


Hasta siempre commandante!
Dark Rum, cane sugar, muddled lime slices and refreshing mint leaves.

Mojito Especial

Sometimes we got them, sometimes not.
Ask the Bartenders for availability.


Makes you walk de travers…
Absinthe «La Fée verte» with muddled lime slices and cane sugar.


From Russia to Brazil with love
Selected Vodka, with muddled lime slices and cane sugar. And noooo, we don’t serve red Vodka.


The best remedy against colds and flu
A white non aged cheap cachaca with muddled lime slices and cane sugar.